How to keep your Windows password safe?

A protected Windows password is beneficial in protecting your computer files and folders from unauthorized viewers. Following are 3 easy tips about the best way best to maintain your Windows password protected?

1. Make Windows Password Strong Enough

The longer the password, the safer your Windows password will be. If it comes to a powerful Windows password, it needs to be extended (at least 8 characters in length). It should consist of letters (upper and lower case), numbers, and symbols, like %^&*()-+. It is not a word or combination of words or a combination of numbers and words. It should not include some of your personal information like birthrate, phone number. A fantastic password looks like this: gh{Q#oz8$5t. Meanwhile, please note the strong password should be easy for you to keep in mind. Otherwise, it is going to cause serious problems if you forgot Windows password.

2. Don’t use the exact same password for everything

I know, it is convenient to develop with one password which you can recall and keep using it anywhere, but it isn’t safe. Having one password for each of your accounts makes you incredibly vulnerable to hackers. Never use your Windows password anywhere. Use different passwords to control your Windows, your blogging, your social networks, etc..

3. Create a Windows password reset disk

No matter how good your memory is, a password can be easily forgotten if you leave it unused for quite a while or due to other factors. For this, it is possible to create Windows 10 password reset disk. If you forgot Windows password, it is going to allow you to alter the missing password without learning it.

1. Open User Account window by clicking Start, Control Panel, User Accounts and Family Safety, and User Accounts.

2. Click Create a password reset disk on the left sidebar.

3. Click Next and follow the forgotten password Wizard to create a password reset disk

Whenever you enter a wrong password on Windows login screen, the Reset password link will look. The forgotten password wizard will come up as soon as you click it. Then you follow the manual to reset forgotten Windows password using the created Windows password recovery disc in less than 1 minute.

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